EBA (Electronic Battery Analyzer) Capacitance Test Box

The EBA (Electronic Battery Analyzer) is the big brother to BFG test box.  Where the BFG was designed specifically to perform capacitance tests on the PS-835, PS-850 and PS-855 power supplies and has to be monitored by a technician for the duration of a capacitance test, the EBA can do that and a whole lot more.   The EBA even does the monitoring for you, freeing you up to do other tasks.  It is a computer based capacitance test box that connects to any Windows XP or higher computer via an available USB port.  The EBA comes with two harnesses, the first being the adapter plug for the PS Series and the second being a universal harness (shown) that greatly expands its capabilities.

Computer based cap checks

About the Capacitance Test Software

Installing the included custom software will place a ShockBox icon on your desktop for quick access to your testing software. Once you open the software, you simply enter the parameters of the battery being tested and click “START”. The EBA will apply the specified load for the specified time. It displays a graph while performing the test and will provide a PASS or FAIL result and capacitance percentage at the conclusion of the test. It even sounds a tone when completed. (Computer must have a sound card and speakers) You can then print out a results sheet to any printer connected to the computer.

The EBA was specifically designed to perform capacitance test on smaller standby power supplies and battery packs. It is capable of supplying a 100-watt load for discharge tests, it can perform a capacitance test on up to 4.1Ah/24-volt units and up to 8.2 Ah/12-volt units in an hour. Slightly larger units can be tested as well, but will take longer. The EBA comes with our own custom software, a 3 clip universal harness and also a harness with the correct mating plug for PS-835, PS-850, PS-855 and True Blue TS-835 power supplies. If you have the specifications on a small battery or power supply and the connection diagram, you can probably test it with this unit. The front panel jacks provide a simple method for charging with a connection to a benchtop DC power supply (not included). The EBA is our most versatile capacitance test box.


Frequently asked questions

To purchase a test box, first it is recommended that you contact us to check availability of the test box you are interested in. If we have yours in stock or you request us build one for you, the next step is to send us a purchase order via email to: [email protected] This will get the ball rolling. Once we have the test box packaged ready for shipment we will contact you for payment. Payment must be received prior to shipment.

Yes we accept for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for domestic (US) destinations and from US based banking institutions only. While rare, we do accept wire transfers for domestic payments and shipments as well. If you are outside the United States, we require a wire transfer payment. We can provide you wiring instructions.

We do not currently accept PayPal. We try to keep the cost of our test boxes down to benefit the small maintenance shops. This does not allow us enough mark up to absorb the PayPal and credit card fees. We may revisit the policy in the future if the demand requires.

Unlike other companies, we do not profit from shipping charges. We charge what we are charged! The shipping rate will be based on the packaged shipping weight, the package dimensions, and the distance to its destination + insurance for the value of the test box purchased. Most of our test boxes usually weigh around 8 pounds boxed in a 12 in x 12 in x 10 in box. The landing gear breakout box varies by the harness chosen and ships in a larger box.

We ship UPS and FedEx domestically, and we ship UPS, FedEx and DHL internationally. We can bill the charges to your own shipping account if you wish. We have daily UPS service and shipments usually ship the same day as long as the payment transaction is completed prior to 1:00pm Central Time Zone. FedEx only picks up expedited shipments the same day. FedEx Ground shipments usually leave the next business day.

ShockBox has a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. We will repair or replace a defective test box at our discretion. Usually we will choose the option that is faster.

While rare, we do offer a quantity discount to customers who purchase multiple test boxes. If you were to purchase multiple test boxes of the same model, the discount is better than if you order multiple test boxes of different models. We do not offer discounts on a single test box.

No! We are the test box manufacturer, we do not deal in used test boxes. Occasionally, we will have a unit that may have a cosmetic “flaw” in its appearance, but works just fine. We do offer these with a discount if you don’t mind the flaw. You can always ask about availability, but they usually go pretty quickly.

No! While a few of the components used in our test boxes are manufactured abroad, we choose the best quality components available. All our test boxes are designed, manufactured and tested in our suburban Oklahoma City location. Our parent company is a FAA Certified Repair Station and we test all our test boxes in this facility before they go into production.


Our customers are from all over the world. We can ship to your repair shop or charter operation.


No more shipping off parts to be tested. Your aircraft can return to service within a few hours.


Reduce maintenace cost for Charter Operations and Aircraft Repair Stations when you bring testing in house.


Backed by a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. You can count on quality test equipment.


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