ShockBox Capacitance Test Boxes

The ShockBox® line of capacitance test boxes are designed with the small maintenance shop in mind. Our goal is to deliver high quality test boxes while keeping the costs low enough that the small aircraft maintenance shop can afford to perform test functions in-house, thus making themselves more profitable. Many small charter companies buy our test boxes to help eliminate lengthy down times and lower their maintenance costs.

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If you are looking for capacitance testing or repair services for your power supply instead of a test box, check out our parent company which is a FAA Certified Repair Station. www.etmech.com

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ShockBox Capacitance Test Boxes

EBA - Electronic Battery Analyzer

The EBA (Electronic Battery Analyzer)

A computer managed test box designed specifically for performing capacitance tests on various emergency power supplies and emergency batteries.

The BFG Test Box

A simple, manually operated test box designed to perform the capacitance test on PS-835, PS-850 & PS-855 power supplies.

BFG PS-835 PS-850 PS-855 Cap Test Box
Cessna 680 Emergency Lighting Capacitance Tester

Cessna 680 Emergency Lighting Capacitance Tester

No need to remove the emergency lighting power supplies from a Cessna 680 Sovereign to perform a capacitance test.

PS-834 Test Box

Designed specifically to perform an operational test and capacitance test of the BFGoodrich/L3 Communications PS-834 standby power supplies. Frequently used in Cessna 525 Citation Jet and Piper PA-46 Malibu aircraft.

PS-834 Test Box
Grimes 60-3157-1 Cap Test

GRIMES 60-3157-1 Test Box

This test box is used to perform an operational test and capacitance test of the Grimes 60-3157-1 emergency power supplies often found in older Beech 400, Mitsubishi Mu-300 and Airbus 300 series aircraft.

BFGoodrich 87-5106-2 (AP65-2)

Designed to perform the system check and standby power supplies capacitance test on Beechjet 400 aircraft with the BFGoodrich power supplies still installed in the aircraft. These are mounted underneath the cabin floor.

BeechJet AP65-2 | BF Goodrich 87-5106-2
True Blue TS835 - MD835

MidContinent TS-835 TrueBlue Capacitance Test Box

This test box is utilized to perform the capacitance test on the Mid-Continent TS-835 TrueBlu Power emergency power supplies.


Additional Benefits Of Our Quality Aviation Test Equipment!​

International Shipping

Our customers are from all over the world. We can ship to your repair shop.

Reduce AOG

No more shipping off parts to be tested. Your aircraft can return to service within a few hours.

Reduce Costs

For Charter Operations and Aircraft Repair Stations who want to bring their testing in house and reduce costs.

1-Year Warranty

Backed by a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. You can count on quality test equipment.