Task Specific Aircraft Test Boxes

ShockBox® offers task specific test boxes for aircraft maintenance shops as well. If the maintenance manual calls for the fabrication of a test box to perform a specified function, we can help you out. Do you need something specialized for your shop? Ask us about designing a custom box to your specifications. Here are a few boxes we currently offer from our capabilities. Chances are, if we have been asked about it more than once, we offer it from our inventory.

Quality Aviation Test Equipment

ShockBox Task Specific Aircraft Test Boxes

Misubishi Mu300 Electrical System Test Box

Mitsubishi Mu300 Electrical System Tester

If you are looking for the test box required to perform the Inverter System Test & Troubleshooting as described in chapter 24-21-00 of the Diamond 1/1A Mu300 Maintenance Manual, we have it!

Beech 400 Series Fire Extinguisher / Detection Tester

This test box is required to perform the “Fire Detection System Functional Test” as described in chapter 26-20-00 of the Beech 400/400A Maintenance Manual, that is required during a “C”-check inspection.

BeechJet Engine Fire Detection Extinguisher Test Box
Grimes Strobe Power Supply Test Box

Grimes 60-2799 Series Strobe Power Supply Test Box

Our Grimes strobe power supply test box contains equivalent to Grimes G0056 Discharge Load Tester and G0047 Functional Tester in a single unit. Utilize our test box along with your Grimes Component Maintenance Manual to troubleshoot and repair these power supplies.

Grimes Test Strobe

To aid in troubleshooting Grimes strobe systems when you aren't sure if you have a bad strobe or a bad power supply. Disconnect the inoperative strobe and connect our test strobe. If the test strobe doesn't work, then you probably have a power supply problem.

Grimes Strobe Light Test Box


Additional Benefits Of Our Quality Aviation Test Equipment!​

International Shipping

Our customers are from all over the world. We can ship to your repair shop.

Reduce AOG

No more shipping off parts to be tested. Your aircraft can return to service within a few hours.

Reduce Costs

For Charter Operations and Aircraft Repair Stations who want to bring their testing in house and reduce costs.

1-Year Warranty

Backed by a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. You can count on quality test equipment.